Altın Bonus

What is a Gold Bonus credit card?
The Gold Bonus Card is the only credit card that enables you to earn ATAkulche (minted gold bars) on every shopping you do anywhere in the world.
  • Ordering to buy ATAkulche automatically through your Gold Bonus Card, please give instruction to your branch and you can accumulate ATAkulche in the amount you want.
  • You earn extra ATAkulche on purchases you make from over 200.000 Bonus program partners and benefit from 'purchasing on installment' opportunities.
  • With your Gold Bonus Card, you can access your current accounts from all 'Paramatiks (ATMs)' or from bank statement.
How to earn ATAkulche?
  • Your ATAkulches accumulated in your Gold Bonus Card on every purchases you make in hundred thousands of shops in Turkey and abroad.
  • When you place a standing payment order to be carried out through your Gold Bonus Card, you earn ATAkulche for your payments such as rent, school fees and installments for household appliances.

Where can I pick up my physically accumulated Atakulches?
You can pick up all your physically accumulated ATAkulches in your Gold Bonus Card from all Atasay shops and authorized Atasay corners, franchisers in these amounts: 0.5 gr, 1 gr, 2.5 gr, 5 gr and 20 gr.