Atasay Corporate Profile

Atasay has been a leader in the Turkish jewelry sector for the last three generations and its roots date back to Turkish Republic's development years. Since it was established in Çivril, Denizli, in 1937, Atasay has risen to become a leader for the transformation of Turkey's jewelry-making from small business operations into an industry.

With the Kamer family's experiences and professional background, Atasay Jewelry was established in 1989. Establishing Atasay has become a milestone in the gold jewelry production and marketing for the sector. Quality of productions, deliveries carried out by the Grand Bazaar and small workshops all together raised up to international standards for the first time thanks to Atasay.

Atasay Jewelry has always been a leading figure that has changed, created and inspired the Turkish jewelry sector.

With the observation of the rich production potential, design, fashion trends and international developments, Atasay has started the sale of brand name products by closing the 'no name' era.